Copy of LAN Shelf - Built for gamers (förhandsbokning)

Dyllox - The best LAN Shelf for serious gamers!

Are you a serious gamer? Attending LAN parties every now and then?

Well, then you know how cramped your table can be, especially when there is a computer taking up space. With this desk shelf you can put the computer above your monitor and free precious space. On top of this, there is also a solid cup-holder on the side (no more spilling all over your keyboard).

  • Assembly (and dissembling) is done in 1 minute or less (tip: compete with your LAN buddy) 🏃
  • Can handle the weight of your heavy case mod (recommended max-weight of 80kg) 💪🏻
  • This shelf makes sure your case mod are up on display at all times 👑
  • Re-use packaging for next LAN party


Width: 80 cm ( 31.49 ")
Depth: 30 cm ( 11.81 ")
Height: 56 cm ( 22.04 ")
Recommended max weight: 80 kg
This, my friends, is the best LAN shelf in the world. Made by gamers, for gamers. 🎮

Buy now and receive it at DreamHack Summer 2017!

We will be at DHS17 ready to hand over the shelf for you. You can also buy directly from us right there in the stand.
399 kr