LAN Shelf - Built for gamers

Dyllox - The best LAN Shelf for serious gamers!

Are you a serious gamer? Attending LAN parties every now and then?

Well, then you know how cramped your table can be, especially when there is a computer taking up space. With this desk shelf, you can put the computer above your monitor and free precious space.

  • Assembly (and dissembling) is done in 1 minute or less (tip: compete with your LAN buddy) 🏃
  • Can handle the weight of your heavy case mod (recommended max weight of 80kg) 💪🏻
  • This shelf makes sure your case mod are up on display at all times 👑
  • Re-use packaging for next LAN party


Width: 80 cm ( 31.49 ")
Depth: 30 cm ( 11.81 ")
Height: 56 cm ( 22.04 ")
Recommended max weight: 80 kg
This, my friends, is the best LAN shelf in the world. Made by gamers, for gamers. 🎮
399 kr